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Early Stage Researcher 13, NGU, SPAIN


Project title and work package:

Advanced hybrid organic spintronic devices with small spin-orbit coupling, work package Spintronics controlled by spin-orbit interaction.



The objective of your project is to explore hybrid organic spintronic devices in which to perform spin transport and manipulation beyond simple spin valves. In the first place, with the aim of exploring the spin transport mechanisms in organic materials with small spin-orbit coupling, you will fabricate double organic spin hot-electron transistors in which the spin current can be manipulated by an external out-of-plane magnetic field. For the proof-of-principle devices, you will use C60 fullerene as well as metal-organic molecules such as CuPc and Alq3. The observation of the effect of the spin precession will be the first in this discipline.

You will then merge the spin transport with other organic functionalities, such as photoconductivity or the photoelectric effect. In particular, you will explore the concept of self-powered hybrid organic spin valves-photovoltaic cells. You will fabricate multi-layered organic devices in which exciton-to-carrier separation occurs at the organic homo-interface. The charge carrier will be utilised for powering the device autonomously, but also for performing spin manipulation. Here we will focus again on the molecules named above (making use of the p- and n-type conductivities for creating natural energy barriers) together with some polymers such as P3HT and N2200.


Expected Results:

- Demonstration of an organic double hot-electron transistor.

- Spin manipulation in an organic device with an external magnetic field.

- Self-powered organic spintronic devices with concomitant photoelectric effect.



Planned secondments:

at GRA SEMI, Spain (2 months, Year 1) for training in the growth and integration of materials in industrial environments, at CTH, Sweden (2 months, Year 2) for training in low temperature electrical measurements, at LEEDS, United Kingdom (1 month, Year 2) for training in spintronics materials growth.



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