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QuESTech is an Innovative Training Network, funded by the European Commission, within the Horizon 2020 framework, part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (No 766025).

Seven leading European research laboratories, two high-tech companies and four partner organisations provide a challenging, state-of-the-art training for young researchers in the general field of experimental, applied, and theoretical quantum electronics.

The project is organized along four scientific

Work Packages:

  • 2-D materials growth and nanostructuring

  • Quantum thermodynamics in superconducting qubits and quantum dots

  • Spintronics controlled by spin-orbit interaction

  • Electron transport in reduced dimensionality

On top of the scientific and technological training, there are special training sessions in scientific presentation; on IPR, entrepreneurship and start-up business; on interpersonal communication at work; on scientific article writing; on self-positioning and career planning. All young researchers will attend the ESONN summer school.

All individual projects are interconnected and every Early Stage Researcher will do systematic secondments in both the academic and private sector. A Personal Career and Development Plan describes their specified research project, Personal Training Committee, Science and Technology training topics, a detailed secondment plan and the targeted transferable skills.



CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

Hervé Courtois, Clemens Winkelmann, Denis Basko

Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Jukka Pekola

University of Konstanz, Germany

Wolfgang Belzig, Elke Scheer

RAITH GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

Guido Piaszenski

CIC NanoGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain

Felix Casanova, Luis Hueso

Graphenea Semiconductor SL, San Sebastian, Spain

Amaia Zurutuza

Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden

Sergey Kubatkin, Thilo Bauch

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Klaus Ensslin

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Chris Marrows



EDP Sciences

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies

Asqella Oy


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