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Early Stage Researcher 14, RAITH, GERMANY


Project title and work package:

Developing a novel Electron Beam Induced Deposition process, work package 2D-materials growth and nanostructuring.


You will further develop existing EBID recipes as method for the local deposition of insulators (SiOx) and metals with spatial resolution in the 20 nm range. The deposited material may serve as electrical insulator for complex nanoelectrical circuits, as etch masks for further RIE processes, or as conducting part of the circuit. With EBID, more versatile circuit designs are possible than with standard shadow-evaporation techniques.

You will develop EBID on planar and non-planar substrates (e.g. after a first lithography step). You will explore whether the local deposition of metal (Au, Pt, W) is possible to bridge between nanoelectrodes and to form a quantum dot. You will apply EBID for designing SNS and NNS SETs in close collaboration with Early Stage Researcher 6 (UKON, Germany). You will optimize the success of the process development by in situ electrical characterisation and height detection as well as by ex situ TEM to detect the element composition of the deposited material. You will perform the post processing and electrical characterisation of the devices at UKON. In addition, you will further improve EBL by exploring the minimum feature size using advanced resists and multi-angle evaporation in combination with improved imaging techniques using a specialised electron detector. These process improvements will be beneficial for the projects of Early Stage Researchers 4 (AALTO, Finland), 9 (LEEDS, United Kingdom), 11 (CTH, Sweden) and 12 (NGU, Spain) and will be developed in collaboration with them. This includes the fabrication of EBL samples for the above-mentioned Early Stage Researchers.


Expected Results:

- EBID process for insulating and metallic materials with lateral feature size in the range of 20 nm.

- Enhanced recipes for EBL in various kinds of resists for multiple angle evaporation, with intermediate surface treatments.

- Fabrication of EBL samples requiring enhanced recipes.


Planned secondments:

at NGU, Spain (2 months, Year 1) to get trained in quantum devices nanofabrication, at AALTO, Finland (1 month, Year 1) to measure electron transport, at UKON, Germany (3 months, Year 3) to perform transport measurements at very low temperature.


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