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Ongoing research and more

Arun 1.png

OLED with patterned graphene electrode


Malayalam (mother tongue)

English (Proficient)

Hindi (Intermediate)

German (Intermediate)




  • Physics, History, Philosophy, Football, Traveling, Agriculture

  • Reading, Observing, Thinking and Designing

  • Poverty alleviation, working with UNICEF

Publications in International Journals:

Organic light emitting diodes with environmentally and thermally stable doped graphene electrodes , J. Mater. Chem. C, 2014,2, 6940-6945

Conference presentations

"Towards the detection of spin polarised transport in InAs / GaSb coupled Quantum Wells", IOP conference “Magnetism 2019” Leeds, UK from 08-04-2019 to 09-04-2019 poster

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