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Resonator frequency dependence (y axis) over applied coil current range from -2 mA to +2 mA (x axis), (b). Coil current values at which the two sets of repeating features occur. (Color code red, being high corresponds to the strongest transmission)



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High performance dual-gate dual-layer metal oxide TFTs. Manoj Nag, Myriam Willegems, Steve Smout, Rishabh Upadhyay, Nikolas Papadopoulos, Hikmet Celiker, Soeren Steudel, Kris Myny, Cedric Rolin and Paul Heremans.

Publications in International Journals

Self-aligned amorphous Indium-Tin-Zinc-Oxide thin film transistor on polyimide Foil. ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol.2018 volume 7, issue 4, P185-P191

Authors: Rishabh Upadhyay, Soeren Steudel, Mai-Phi Hung, Akhilesh Mandal, Francky Catthoor and Manoj Nag.

Conference presentations

Quantum thermal devices based on superconducting flux qubits, ESONN'19, Grenoble, France, August 28, 2019, poster

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