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Air Liquide secondment started.

Last Friday, I have arrived to the beautiful Grenoble where I will stay for two months at Air Liquide. As you can deduce from the name, this company is specialised in liquefying the typical gases in the air but, besides that, they have a part that is exclusively focused on the development of new technologies (Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, ALAT). Here is where I will stay. This section of Air Liquide is quite wide, and they address very different topics: from the production and use of Hydrogen as a more ecological combustible, to the creation of the propulsors in Ariane (one of the principal rockets used by the ESA).

Also there is a part of the group that has recently been interested in the production of dilution refrigerators, mostly with the purpose of implementing them for quantum computers. Here I will be working with Simon Crispel and I will learn how a dilution refrigerator can be built from scratch. I’m very thankful to him and to all the team from Air Liquide for the warm welcome and the time they spent in discussing with me.

Finally, since I know that most of you have already visited Grenoble, I leave you with some photos of the beautiful path I need to take every morning.

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