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Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology, QTF

Updated: May 10, 2019

March, 29’ 2019: Attended a two-day QTF March meeting held in Eerikkilä, Finland. The meeting started with a brief introduction about the QTF program by Prof. Jukka Pekola, from Aalto University.

It was nice meeting people from different institutions/groups in Finland working on Quantum Technology. Each group had an opportunity to present shortly their work on the first meeting day; from our group (PICO) Jorden Senior impressed the audience by his finest presentation skills and knowledge.

The poster presentation on day two was quite informative and collaborative. From PICO group a poster on Rectification of photonic heat current was presented, which certainly was a point of attraction in the room.

Of course, how can we miss SAUNA at any event in Finland! Though I was busy in playing pool and football :P

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