First half - Spain 2019

I finished the first month of my secondment in Graphenea, Spain and here are some updates on my Sci-Fi fun in San Sebastian.

I was involved in the hBN thin film growth, optimization and transfer process with Elias. We had good times inside the clean-room with some music and outside with some pintxos, pizza, Txakoli and Jacuzzi. Thanks Elias for your hospitality, exploring the city with me and good food. It was a blast.

Thanks to Luis, I was able to get the access to NanoGune and I met Franz and Francesco there. I worked with Franz on the exfoliation of 2D materials, stamping process using a table top set-up and using the glove-box Franz stamped a sandwich of exfoliated hBN and Graphene for me. You can see on the left a PDMS stamp approaching the substrate and on the right Franz placing the sample on the sample holder.

Some good views of San Sebastian to make you jealous ;) Overall it was a great experience. Can't wait until my next visit in 2020.

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