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Fruitful discussions with Danial

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I spent the past few weeks in Grenoble attending ESONN 2019. During this period, I had some discussions with ESR Danial about electromigration and applying this techniques on my asymmetric TI-SQUID samples so that the critical current of the reference junction can be reduced to extract the current phase relation reliably. But from these discussions and a practical session I did as part of ESONN school, I realised that it not possible to control electromigration in a device in which multiple paths for electrons are present.

Also, on the last day Danial gave a me a lab tour in which he explained various experiments that are going on. Currently he is measuring a device which appears to be promising and hopefully we will hear more about this from him.

Today he came to the bus stop before I left Grenoble, bringing me his mint flavoured drink, which he usually introduces to people as juice with frog eggs :P

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