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Future Production Conference, Generic methods and tools

Good evening fellow researchers. Today Chalmers hosted Future Production Conference, research funded by Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research on future industrial and scientific challenges. Cutting-edge results from ongoing research such as,

  • Graphene for electronics and sensing (QDP Chalmers my group)

  • Paper electronics

  • Additive manufacturing, micromachining and laser technology

  • Material science like cellulose nano-fibre and sintered steel processing

  • Powder technology

  • Cloud and robot factories

were discussed in the poster session.

Event started at 8:30 in the morning with a coffee (fuel for ideas!), then keynote speakers Bazmi Husain (Chief Technology Officer, ABB), Prof. Kristian Martinsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Carmen Constantinescu, Prof. Dr.-Ing MBA (Fraunhofer Institute- Stuttgart), spoke about sustainability in research and in Industry. There were discussions on ethical and philosophical approach in business and Industrial research.

Soon after the panel discussion, there was poster session from 15:00 until 17:00 on above listed topics. Researchers from Chalmers University, KTH Royal institute of Technology, Linköping University, Uppsala University were gathered together to discuss the ideas and ongoing research. Ideas were shared and new ones are born and it continued until 20:00 with delicious dinner.



Me with supervisor Sergey and co-supervisor Samuel :)
Rest of the researchers from different Universities !

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