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I made it!

As you may know, my doctoral exam took place last week at the Uni Konstanz. I am happy to announce that I successfully defended my thesis. I would like to thank my supervisor Wolfgang Belzig and all my collaborators and friends from Quantum Transport Group and QuESTech network for a great time and support in the past 4 years. It is a real pleasure to know you all guys. And what else to say except that I wish you nice summer and I am looking forward to meeting you all at our conference in Sweden in November. :) Cheers!

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2 more PhD defenses coming up !

Hey everyone, it has been a while, but we are back online. Ananthu and Naveen will be defending their theses on December 1st and 8th. If you want to follow remotely, just get in touch!


Wonderful! Congratulations :)


Jonathan Wise
Jonathan Wise

Congratulations Danilo! Bravo :)

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