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New year, big progress

The new year brought new dynamics to the assembly of my new setup. Finally, several key tasks (such as the delivery of the microscope head) were completed. This now allows me to go ahead and put together the hundreds of small puzzle pieces that I prepared meticulously over the last year and a half. It is very rewarding to see how everything is building together into its final shape. Click through the slideshow below to get an idea of what I have been working on!

You can see:

1) The Microscope head finally arrived!

2) Pumping the whole setup at once for the first time.

3) It's getting hot in here! Calibrating my sample heater.

4) Calibration part 2. 1271°C sample temperature! 5) Assembly of my low temperature electronic filters.

6) Testing the Ion gun. Using Argon ion bombardment, I partially removed the thin Indium film that I deposited a while back (see previous blog post)

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