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Updated: May 25, 2020

Some months have past since my last post, so here we are! It has now been a bit more than 2 months since the WHO declared the covid-19 outbreak as a pandemic (11/02). 12 days later a no contact ban happens all over Germany. Events are cancelled, shops are closed except the one deemed necessary. The virus' spread needs to be curbed down!

So what about me?

Well, obviously I follow the rules. So my roommates and I spent a whole lot of time more together. Much bakery was done and cake eaten...Also my books were happy to see me again, I think?

And work?

Raith took swift decisions such as sending workers home to work remotely and organizing morning and afternoon shifts for the production department. The same applies to me, except that given the isolated location of the eLINE, a "normal" day work is possible for me.

And now?

We just have to deal with the situation and be aware that life is not going to go back to normal anytime soon... I really hope festivals will take place in summer 2021 though

If you want to read a bit more, there is an article on the latest Raith's newletter about QuESTech and me:

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