Playing with Light

I could handle the cold weather but not the darkness ...

We human beings are known for taking things for granted, especially when it comes to nature and resources. Being from one of the southernmost states in India, where the difference between the longest and shortest days of the year is barely noticeable (close to an hour only!), the sun and the sunlight were something I always took for granted.

From last year's winter survival seminar, I learned the importance of having more lights and bulbs in your apartment, workplace, and other surrounding. Since my previous winter was not really great with me going into a depressed state, this time, I decided to make some changes and installed new lights in my room. Also, by learning to use my camera, I started appreciating different types of lights and light sources even more. If we can incorporate a bit of Physics into the process of setting up, in my opinion, they become even more interesting like the patterns I made with an LED pendulum. Below are some of the pictures I took in Helsinki during the secondment by playing with lights.

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