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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I would like to give a short report on the advances I have made within my projects. Preprint of the paper - "Local density of states in clean two-dimensional superconductor--normal metal-- superconductor heterostructures", done under the supervision of the Prof. Belzig and in collaboration with Prof. Cuevas from Madrid, appeared on arxiv this morning. If you find the topic interesting please check out our work on the following link

(a) The local density of states vs weak magnetic field in a 2D normal metal of length L=0.2\xi sandwiched between two BCS superconductors, (b) the corresponding Josephson current

But that's not all. Modeling of an ultra-sensitive thermometer based on the Cooper pair tunneling in superconducting hetero-structures is going fine as well. This is part of a great collaboration with Bayan and Prof. Pekola from AALTO University. Previous discussions showed us that using of the standard wire geometry of the Usadel SN contact leads to a pretty high tunneling current ("only" three orders of magnitude). However, this problem seems to be overcome by using the overlap geometry (which has been used in the experiments) instead. Also it is worth to mention that, since the Cooper pair tunneling is determined by an electromagnetic environment attached to the system, making use of a RC transmission seems to be encouraging in the theoretical description of the measured data.

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