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QTD2019 + EQS2019 (Finland)

I recently arrived in Finland, to attend and participate in an international quantum thermodynamics conference (QTD2019) and a summer school on engineered quantum systems (EQS2019). After these events I will stay in Finland to complete a research visit at Aalto University.

It is currently day 4 of the week long conference, during which I have broadened my knowledge of what research is ongoing in the field. Having said that, I think it would have been useful to have placed the summer school before the conference, in order to cement some of the basic concepts and techniques... 😅

During my visit I hope to learn more about the work being done here by Bayan (ESR4) on quantum thermometry and heat exchange in superconducting devices.

Although it's light all the time, I can testify that the water is still pretty cold!

Being at such high latitude (60° north) in June means that nights do not really get dark. The sun sets below the horizon for a few hours but there is plenty of light throughout the "night".

Helsinki central railway station and square around midnight - about as dark as it gets!

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