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Secondment at Asqella, Helsinki!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Finally, I started my first secondment with Asqella. Asqella, a startup by Arttu Luukanen (former student of Professor Pekola), provides flawless and explicit security screening systems based on submillimetre-wave threat detection technology. Started in late 2013, this fast growing startup has commercialized multi-band submillimeter-wave cameras technology for physical security and loss prevention markets, and secured its trust with clients in various countries.

Argon, a radiation less and one of its most developed products, can detect concealed objects like gels, liquids, narcotics, ceramics, metallic items and explosives. And you know what! it can detect the objects even on moving subjects: thanks to its 'true real-time frame rates capabilities'. Also, you don't necessarily need to waste time in queuing, its large field of view can detect multiple people at the same time. Curious readers can find more product information here,

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