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ST3 and Supervisory board meeting at Grenoble

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

We had our third special training and supervisory board meeting last week and it was really good to know about the progress made by the different ESRs in their respective projects. All the three training sessions were informative and thought provoking. Also, I found that it was not only me who ended up blowing the best sample till now but Danial had a similar experience. I guess this is pretty common in our field.

During my few days there, I also went on top of the Bastille three times in hope clicking some nice pictures. But the first time I did not have my camera with me (but I did take some pictures with my phone) and the other two times the conditions were not good enough to take a picture. Since I badly wanted a picture from Grenoble, I ended up taking a picture of one of the trams even though it was rainy night.

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