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Training and group chat

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The training sessions organized by the #QuESTech_H2020 #h2020 are quite useful, especially the last topic - IPR and entrepreneurship. Being a researcher and spending most of our time inside the lab, publication, presentations, defense etc. it becomes difficult for us to

get an idea beyond this field and to get in contact with the people who have already made this transition from research to market. So the verdict is time well spent.

Thanks to Jonny (Jonathan Wise), who arranged the zoom meeting in the evening after the training session, some of us still had spare energy for some chit chat.

We had some nice discussions on who is going to do what after the PhD, who will start a start up and in the end we decided we will plan on mining the moon for the He3 ( also write a blog about it on a later date ) It was fun talking to you all. Stay safe and positive and test negative.

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