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Josephson junction fabricated using nanowires grown at MC2 by Krisiti and Kiryl

Now, I am trying to optimize different TI-SQUID layouts to study the current-phase relation of a TI-Josephson junction by implementing them in an asymmetric layout. Over the past few months we tried multiple strategies in realizing an asymmetric squid (asymmetry in Ic of the order of 1:20) with lower βL. Now we have a layout which only needs minor tweaks. May be next set of devices might give the required data for extracting the current-phase relation of these junctions. If not the one after or the ones after that (;D). I would say we are pretty close.

Last week we had a Skype meeting with Jukka Pekola to decide about the experiments I will be doing at Aalto during my visit in November as part of my first secondment. As of now, the plan is to check for the possibility of using TI-Josephson junctions for thermometric applications. We will start working on the devices which will be measured at Aalto soon.

I will also be attending ESONN this year. In the coming semester I will be taking up some teaching duties at MC2 for the course Quantum optics and Quantum Informatics taught by Thilo, Witlef and Giulia. This is one of the reasons why we moved my secondment to November.

Älvsborgs brige connecting northern and southern parts of Gothenburg city

Personal life: struggling to find an apartment with kitchen. I don't think it's happening anytime soon. To be honest the whole queue system in Sweden drives me crazy. 2-3 years of waiting time for an apartment is too much in my opinion.

Also, whenever time permits, I roam around the city after work, trying to capture some images.

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