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Living with Corona: Late start of the secondment

Hey all, Corona is still going on and while in Spain the discussions about a second lockdown or regional lockdowns (or maybe city lockdowns, who knows) are starting, Elias and me decided to no longer wait and start the planned secondment in Graphenea. Of course with all the possible safety measures. Therefore we decided on a topic that doesn't require me to go to Graphenea every day but instead where I can help with the facilities in nanoGUNE. So for the next month my focus will be on contacting CVD-grown graphene, coming in hot and fresh in wafer size from Elias. Nevertheless, last week I already had a tour of the facilities in Graphenea and from time to time I will drop by the offices and the lab there. And hopefully next time, I will remember to snap a picture for the blog ;)

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